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  • Custom order # 888-4294-4284 for Jessica Simmons


    Custom order # 888-4294-4284 for Jessica Simmons

    1. I can make apron style of #4294

    2. The pocket on the right side to be used by right hand.  Green pocket over black fabric.

    3. I will replace the cannabis of apron #4284 with solid black with an applique of the photo you sent me.

    4. I will need to print that photo on a piece of white fabric and cut that out and applique it to the solid black top.  That photo will not show up over dark fabric.  I have to print it on white, cut it out on the very edge of the photo and applique it on the black fabric.  It is quite a process, but it will look very good.
    5. The crest will be on the upper left side of the top of the apron
    6. I will make it size small