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Aprpon # 4048 - SMALL - One-of-a-kind teal and pink handmade hostess apron

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#TrophyWifeAprons - # 4048 - One-of-a-kind teal and pink handmade apron-dress, size  SMALL  – will fit sizes up to size 8   CAN MAKE APRONS IN ALL SIZES and in other solid colors. If you need a size other than the one posted, please email me at  Will custom make it in any color you want - My aprons require more fabric than most dresses do.  Machine washable in delicate cycle.

You can wear your apron as a dress with leggings or an over-under skirt and a little top under.

You can see those OVER-UNDER SKIRTS in the SKIRTS folder


If you want to purchase more than one apron at once, please email me the apron numbers you want and the sizes needed.  If you buy them from this site, you will pay $17 shipping for each apron.  On the invoice, I will charge you $17 for the first apron and only $4 for additional ones if shipped in the same parcel.


If you want your order to be shipped by Expedite Mail, please email me the apron number and the size you want.  Mention that you want it shipped by Expedite Mail and I will send you an invoice with the adjusted shipping charge.

Regular mail is $17 and Expedite Mail is $25... only $8 more.


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