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My name is Emmanuella.

I started to sew as a teenager on my mom's sewing machine.  I bought my very first portable sewing machine at 21 years old.  I felt like a queen with my new toy.  I made all my clothes.  The fabric was less costly then.

I worked in an office for few years.

I love wearing aprons and because it was impossible to find nice ones out there, I decided to make my own.  I am a perfectionist, so my own aprons had to make me feel pretty.   I bought an old nurse outfit Halloween costume pattern  at Value Village some time ago.  I changed it, changed it and changed it some more until it became the aprons that I sell now. 

To make an apron, I overlap 2 or 3 individual skirts.  All of it is cut on the bias (sideway), so it takes "a lot" of fabric.  

I hope you can all drop in for a visit at

Thank you for taking the time for reading my story.

I wish you all to be very happy,

Emmanuella XOXO